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Mr. Dhwani Mehta Speaking At HR Symposium On Real Life HR Automation Challenges Faced

Every organisation has a unique scenario. 85% of standard HRMS does not fit all... Using 15% HR Automation Principle framework...

Oct 10, 2021


Mr. Dhwani Mehta Speaking At HRMS Awareness Series - By HR Shapers

How to achieve 100% HR process automation? How to select the right tools? What are the new features available on HRMS platform

Oct 22, 2021


Power of Opportune HR 15% Automation Principle Framework

Mr. Pankaj Shah in a conversion with Mr. Dhwani Mehta, speaks on power of 15% HR automation principle framework.

Aug 10, 2021
HRMS Case Studies

Diagnostic centers, Healthcare compliances

Diagnostic centers overcame the Doctors documentation, Healthcare compliances & Payroll generation for specialty doctors

A listed Diagnostic lab company with presence in more than 50+ locations overcame the HR related challenges using OpportuneHR offered 15% HR Automation principle framework

Feb 25, 2022

Sales Distribution company, Payroll solution

How a 48 months payroll was solved in 48 days using OpportuneHR

One of the largest financial DSA company overcame their Payroll problem using Cloud based OpportuneHR hrms software

Feb 25, 2022

Manufacturing, Worksmen Payroll

Complex worksmen payroll was configured using OpportuneHR

A listed manufacturing company having huge number of  blue collar workforce & operating mult-ilocation. Salary structures where designed as per union contracts.

Feb 25, 2022
HRMS Blogs
Upskill 1024x413

Employee Engagement

Upskilling: A Must For SME Businesses In India.

Workforce upskilling has become a buzzword in the current job market. With technological advancements and ever-changing business needs, the workforce must stay relevant to be successful.

May 16, 2023
Opportune Hrms Software

Attendance, HR Tech, HRMS, HRMS Software, Payroll Software

OpportuneHR: The Best HRMS Software For SME Business!

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) face unique challenges managing their human resource (HR) functions. Often, these businesses have small HR teams. So business owners also get involved in HR tasks.

May 10, 2023
Practice Guide New

HRMS, On Boarding

Practical Guide To New Employee Onboarding.

What Is Employee Onboarding?
Employee onboarding is a crucial process that introduces new employees to the company and its work culture. It is an orientation program designed to provide essential information to new hires regarding the company’s mission, vision, and values.

April 12, 2023
Hrms Resource Blog 1

HRMS Software

How HR Management System Enhances Employee Experience?

Two major challenges today for HR managers across the globe are: Attracting good talent, and employee retention.That’s why all progressive HR managers are putting great focus on enhancing the employee experience in the organisation.

March 28, 2023
How To Prepare For Interview

Hiring, On Boarding

How To Prepare For Campus Interviews?

As graduation season approaches, it’s important to start preparing for campus interviews. This can be an exciting and nerve-wracking experience, but with the right tips and tricks, you’ll be able to land your dream job in no time.

March 21, 2023
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HRMS Software

3 important HR factors for exponential SME business growth

An SME business owner asked an imminent question recently– Why are Indian startups booming, making money and getting success, while SME businesses are still struggling for growth? That’s a question that needs deep thinking.

Feb 09, 2023
Low Budget Employee Blog Banner Resource 3

Employee Engagement

7 Low Budget Employee Engagement Ideas For MSME Businesses!

Happy and engaged employees are an asset to the organisation. But sometimes being too concerned about budget makes your HR team worry regarding funds for employee engagement.

Nov 1, 2022
Images For Blog Resource 3

Time Attendance Software

10 Questions: How To Choose An Online Attendance System?

No matter in which business you are, tracking and managing attendance in an enterprise is a regular task. A manual attendance process has a risk of human error, inconsistency and proxy marking by some employees.

Oct 21, 2022

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Diagnostic centers, HRTech, HRMS

Why Diagnostic Labs Need Specialised HRMS Solution? And Which One?

Diagnostic centres are under huge pressure to deliver. As the demand for services is high due to the pandemic. It is not just a business but a responsibility to handle the mounting pressure well. 

Feb 22, 2022

Manufacturing, HRTech, HRMS

Why Manufacturing Industry Asks For Super-hero HR Managers?

When we talk to HR managers in the manufacturing industry, and we talk to them a lot, they say manufacturing industry needs tough people.

Oct 25, 2021
Amazing Power Of Timesheet Management Software

Timesheet Software

Amazing Power Of Timesheet Management Software

Timesheet is a practice of documenting the time spent by employees on various tasks assigned to them.

Mar 25, 2022
HRMS Features

If Time Is Money, Time Sheet Keeps A Watch On It.

With easy to use interface, employees can submit their weekly time & efforts against each project & activity in detail. Helps ensure productivity.
Time sheet is not restricted to only IT & Engineering firms. It is now extensively deployed & used by Architects, Sales team, event management companies & many more!


Dec 01, 2022

OpportuneHR Zero Error Payroll Software

A great payroll management software is the key to fixing all salary related problems for HR managers and business owners. The payroll system provides the easiest and most efficient way to maintain records, manage profiles, sort out payroll taxes and provide analysis with zero human error!


Aug 01, 2022

Attendance system that employees love!

OpportuneHR’s attendance module Cuckoo Tech is a leading enterprise attendance platform with multi location, real time attendance capturing capabilities. More than 30 rule engines can be configured. That covers almost all attendance scenarios. From geo-fencing to fake finger detection, finger template on the cloud to push based technology, you will find everything here.

Sept 01, 2022

Onboarding Accelerates And Enhances The Candidate-To-Employee Journey!

Our smooth and professional onboarding increases candidate joining chance almost by 50%. From offer release to document upload, offer-acceptance, document verification, everything is digitized. OCR features for reading documents and populating data. No manual intervention is needed. Conversational tools that guide the candidate, make onboarding process smooth and easy.

Sept 01, 2022
HRMS Newsletter
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The well-being of HR professionals!

They face high-stress situations, like handling grievances or complaints from staff members. They manage conflicts within the organization, and juggle multiple tasks at once.

May 24, 2023
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Go beyond Employee Engagement: Aim for Employee Involvement!

Employee engagement is one of the top priorities for CHROs in larger organisations. We work with SMEs and startups, and have another point of view on this matter.

April 27, 2023
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Power of Checklists For Better Business Results!

Running and managing a business is exciting. And tough too. Business leaders create innovative business models, managers set quarterly goals, everyone gets into high gear.

March 20, 2023
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Strategic HR is the need of the day!

We always hear CEOs asking the HR fraternity to align with business objectives. They often sigh that HR is too focused on operational issues and doesn't help them strategically.

Feb 20, 2023
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OKRs Simplified!

In our last newsletter edition, we shared the story of Intel Co-founders Gordon Moore and Andy Grove, who fired themselves from the job. The edition got an applause from you readers.

Jan 20, 2023
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