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Our Iron Clad Guarantee!

If we don't deliver the
promises we made,

We should not be paid!

Don't take us on our word. Not even on our demo. We commit to deliver as per an agreed SOP. Though it never happens, but yet, if we don't deliver, we are ready to let go a portion of our fees. And when we over deliver, which happens all the time, you reap the benefits.

At Opportune, Customer care is much
more than what you expect!

Our 98% customer retention ratio shows the difference.

Here are the customer success fundamentals that we follow...

HRMS is not just a product but a solution!

We believe a software is successful only when it helps the client achieve their objectives...Our customer success team is trained to understand HR scenarios.

Good Implementation
A good implementation prevents 70% of future problems!

Our consultative approch guarantees a smooth implementation. We have even developed a migration engine to make the implementation effective.

Clients Grow Requirement
As clients grow, their requirement change. We change with you!

As business grows the HR policies also change. Specially in MSME and startup organisations. We welcome your changing needs.

Support Tickets
Support Tickets are our opportunity to improve the HRMS solution!

Support tickets aren't complains. We analyse the issues quickly, respond promptly. Show-stopper issues get the priority. No rigid timelines.

Experience our consultative approach
Dedicated Customer Success Manager
Dedicated customer success manager
So you get the best out of our software!

Customer care is utmost prioiry for us. Our customer success manager ensures you get the best out of our software

  • Periodic Meetings with the clients

  • Mapping of client's unique and emerging scenarios

  • Quick turnaround time

  • Show stoppers solved with high priority

Client often asks us...
Do you guys have sensors?

How do you know our problem before it happens?

Predictive Analysis

We have vast experience in various industries. And have more than 1.5 Lac employees on our system. It helps us understand various pain points that clients go through.

We sense any difficulty or upcoming problem through the quality of questions you ask, as well as their occurrence trail.

Predictive Analysis
Poroblem Prevention System
Problem Prevention System

When a challenge arises at your end, we know the related issues and proactively take steps to solve them before it arise..

Organization Bench-marking

We continuously analysis your usage patterns. It tells us how well your team is using the software.

We compare your usage with other clients. We suggest ideas and best practices to help your team use it to the next level.

Organization Bench Marking
Experience our consultative approach...
Not just product authority,
Opportune Care Offers
domain authority too!

Inhouse experts to make sure you get the best of the best!

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Inhouse Hr
Inhouse HR thought leaders

to help create the software as per best industry practices and compliance.

Chartered Accountant
Chartered accountant

and finance team to make sure payroll software adheres to the latest compliance.


This is how, we wow!

Experience Our Worldclass Customer Success System