Workplace Pulse Monitoring

Employee Pulse Monitoring, Now Available For Indian Startups and SME companies.

  • Real-time Employee Pulse

    Forget boring, long surveys. Our mini-surveys take about 30 seconds to respond. Employees can choose to be anonymous, so they feel secure giving honest feedback.

  • Deep Psychological Reading

    The questions are deep-rooted in workplace psychology and best practices. Our algorithm goes beyond words. It can understand emotions, feelings and motivation levels.

  • Nudge Employees For Action

    Our Employee Pulse module is more than just employee feedback. As per the results, it suggests appropriate knowledge and action steps to help the employees.

  • Help Managers Shine

    We assist managers in taking corrective action. We do so by pointing them to the best practices. And suggest ideas to help their team members.

Once You Experience The Power Of Employee Pulse Surveys With OpportuneHR, You Will Ask:

How Did We Manage Without This All These Years?

A Team Of 20 or 2,000 Employees, Use Our Advanced Technology To Build A Happy And Engaged Organisation!

30K payroll in less than 3 Hrs, 30K TDS computation in 1hr, 3K employees' F&F in 28 min!

Ensure Higher Employee Engagement Level, An Important Factor For Talent Retention and Productivity!


Diagnose Workplace Health

  • Monitor the real-time health of your organization.
  • Option for employees to go anonymous.
  • 30-second, mini-conversations
  • Intuitive, interesting questions

Psychological Analysis

  • Backed by 1k+ hours of research
  • Analysis based on workplace psychology
  • Data-based measurement.
  • Organisation and department level reports

Frictionless Improvements

  • Personalised nudges for employees
  • Leadership suggestions for managers
  • Jargon less, effective insights for you
  • Continuous improvement culture

Discover The Power Of Employee Pulse Monitoring


Organisations who employ ongoing employee surveys are seen to have better employee engagement levels


Regular employee surveys help foster healthy work culture and happier organisations.

So, To Wrap Up....


Measure Employee Engagement

No need to assume what employees are thinking and feeling about the organisation. You can actually measure it. And use the results.


Put Psychological Research To Use

Use the best of organisational psychology insights, backed by 1K+ hours of research, for your own company. Know the organisation health in real-time.


Improve Employee-Organisation Bonding

Employees want to be heard. And they want the management to use their feedback for betterment of organisation. Employee Pulse monitoring makes it a regular process.


MNC Like Research At SME Cost

We, along with our partners, have gone the extra mile to make it possible. Now, use the best of technology for your startup and SME organisations.

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