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Not all HRMS are created equal. Generic HRMS software works only for 85% of standard HR scenarios, and can’t handle unique scenarios in various industries and organisations. OppportuneHR’s 15% unique scenario automation framework gives you ‘a customised for your industry’ solution on cloud.

Manufacturing Industry

Why Opportune is the best HRMS for the manufacturing industry? It can handle all your complex scenarios!

Worksmen union salary, attendance tracking & contractor workers management is very
complex for organisation involved in manufacturing activities.

CTC structure design

CTC structure design as per works-men agreement is complex. Salary heads are calculated on daily basis & on pro-rata.

Contract employees attendance

Contract employees attendance for billing & compliance adherence is mandated as per statutory acts.

Calculation of OT hours

multiple rate calculation as per hours worked is complex

Shift Management

Challenge in handling of attendance marking during shift change & break shifts.

Maintain Compliance Register

Maintenance of compliance registers as per factories act

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Our Features to address
these unique HR challenges

These features are tested and proven in
manufacturing companies of all sizes
from 100 employees to 30K employees!

configure complex attendance

Ability to configure complex attendance rules and processing high volume of daily punch data

roster for IN-OUT timing

Implementation of roster for IN-OUT timing, Out for Lunch / In from Lunch using extensive time configuration

Configuration of salary structure

Configuration of salary structure & multiple OT rules to fit the workmen payroll

Contractor head count

Contractor head count & deviation reports to integrate with billing system

OpportuneHR’s Superior Design Approach Makes
It Possible!

HRMS Software Mumbai
  • Our unique platform design and customer support make the difference!
  • On-Time
    It’s Ultra Real time

    Our dashboards will help you see and plan manpower presence in multi-locations with ease. It is smooth, seamless and ultra real time! 

  • Aim
    The Only Industry Focused HRMS

    From the high-compliance Healthcare industry to the blue-collar populated manufacturing industry, hospitality, IT and manpower services—All unique scenarios can be automated.

  • Customer Support
    Best Customer Support In The Industry

    Our opportune.Care approach is much more than after sales service, or problem-solving for client issues. We help you prevent those issues in the first place. 

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The Key Features That Deliver The Ultimate Performance!

OpportuneHR is designed for HR scenario handling. Which helps you address all scenarios in your industry. And the 15% unique scenario automation framework makes sure if there are any Mumbai city specific scenarios, you will have a smooth experience with it.

  • Core HR Functions

    Our dashboards will help you see and plan manpower presence in multi-locations with ease. It is smooth, seamless and ultra real time! 
  • Mobile Application

    Attractive and user-friendly mobile app. Android and iOS versions. Works in offline mode. GPS and geofencing enabled.
  • Performance management (PMS)

    KRA & goal setting. Employee rating. Employee strength & weakness identification. Regular appraisals. Bell curve. MIS.
  • Accurate Payroll

    One click payroll generation. Accuracy guaranteed. Handles large numbers of up to 30-50K. Taxation support. Payroll compliances.
  • Complete Employee life cycle Management

    Application tracking . Onboarding, Timesheet. Attendance management. Leave management. Payroll. Training management, F&F, Reward and Recognition.
  • Cutting Edge Technology

    Future-proof platform. Artificial Intelligence (AI). Machine learning (ML). User-friendly BOT. API for integrations. Face detection biometric. Data encryption. Data analytics 

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​The Unparalleled Performance Benchmarks!

Once you closely monitor our performance benchmarks, you will yourself come to the conclusion that OpportuneHR is the strongest contender for—The Best HRMS Software for Manufacturing industry.

Have a look, what you can achieve with OpportuneHR—

payroll Generation

30K+ payroll generation in 4Hrs, earlier 48 hrs!

Implemented payroll in <span>18 days</span>, earlier struggled for 18 months!

Implemented payroll in 18 days, earlier struggled for 18 months!

Deep automation and customization

90 days from manual sheets & xls to digitalisation of complete attendance & payroll for 2K+ employees.

 Stress Test approach

2000+ feet on street resources claim management was automated.

There is much more under the hood. Our micro features and deep automation technology packs a lot of power to address HR automation challenges in all kinds of industries.

Experience The Best HRMS And Payroll Software For Your Manufacturing industry organisation!

Today’s workforce demands and expects a lot. Employees,
whether they are in IT knowledge parks, or in industrial
hubs, or in the modern retail and hospitality industry, want
a great HR experience. OpportuneHR goes much beyond
the end user experience. We use the 3-level experience
matrix which delivers a great experience to all stakeholders.
Experience The Best HRMS And Payroll Software
That’s why our clients feel

OpportuneHR is the best HRMS And Payroll
Software in India

Obviously, the best HRMS, Payroll software manufa for manufacturing industry, too!

Every industry has its own uniqueness and culture. Manufacturing industry is no exception. Generic HRMS softwares often can’t address unique HR scenarios in various industries. Our 15% Unique HR Scenario framework is tested and proven in the Manufacturing industry. So be rest assured, you will achieve the best HR automation experience possible in the Manufacturing sector. And the pride of being associated with one of the best performing HRMS software in the country.


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