Revolutionizing HR Management for SMEs: The OpportuneHR Advantage!

​​​​​​​There are two primary functions of an entrepreneur. Creating demand for the business, and building the organisation that can deliver the products and services to customers and clients.

These are massive responsibilities. Each one of them needs complete focus and attention of entrepreneurs.

That’s a unique challenge which managers in big organisations don’t face. They are required to fulfil only their job role. Which is mostly function specific. But an entrepreneur must wear many hats.

And achieve much more in lesser budgets. With limited bandwidth.

That’s why generic software solutions created for enterprise organisations don’t fulfill SME business needs. And when companies say they have come with software for SMEs, at a lower cost, these are diluted versions of the software.

That’s why we created SME-HRMS!

At Opportune we understand the SME business scenarios. We know the limitations as well as the advantages of smaller organisations. And we decided–

SMEs don’t need Enterprise HR software adopted for SMEs.

We need  the SME-HRMS and payroll solution!

An HR and payroll software created specifically for SME growth cycles. A software that can give world-class technologies for SMEs.

And that’s a BIG DEAL.

Because OpportuneHR is the only HR software of its kind.

It’s not HR software to just maintain the HR function. It is an HR software that is created for supporting business growth in startup and SME companies.

Imagine this:

  • You need to make a presentation to potential clients, or to investors. But there is chaos in office because the salary has not been distributed due to payroll generation errors.
  • Or some compliance issues have cropped up and inspectors want certain reports. Your HR and admin are unable to produce the data.
  • Your product is doing well in the marketplace. You need more sales people, especially a senior sales manager. But recruitment isn’t happening. People come for interviews but then disappear. Or, they promise and then don’t join.

Worse still, they join and then leave after a short time.

An entrepreneur must monitor and take care of everything.

That’s why we have created–

Discover how HR Management Systems improve HR efficiency and employee experience

Business Owner’s Dashboard!

It is designed and developed as per our research among hundreds of SME business owners. The pain points they come across. And the information that they must know on a daily basis to run the organization well.

With this dashboard, you will know what’s moving and what’s not moving as per expectation. And can take corrective action in time.

You won’t have to call admin or HR manager to ask for details. You will be in the know all the time.

Another thing that makes Opportune SME-HRMS unique is our–

Modular Design: A unique HR Software

Many business owners ask: Why should we pay for advanced features, when we don’t even use it?

That’s a fair question. And we designed the OpportuneHR in tune with the needs of SME organisations.

You can start with the core features. Like attendance, payroll, leave etc.

And only when you grow, or need more advanced features like PMS, employee pulse monitoring and contractor management, our add-on modules will fit beautifully well.

Anyone who understands IT product development challenges would appreciate this much more. Because this kind of development needs intricate conceptualisation, micro-features and many more hours in coding and development.

We went the extra mile to make SME-HRMS possible.

All features: Complete Employee Life Cycle Covered

Let’s reiterated it. OpportuneHR is world-class software. With all the great features (and exclusive micro-features) that you need to run the organisation well.

Real-time attendance, one click payroll generation, employee self-service, mobile phone…PMS, contractor management…employee pulse monitoring– everything that you need to run the business today, and tomorrow is available.

In fact, running your HR on Excel sheets and desktop software is not a choice any more!

Shift to OpportuneHR SME-HRMS today!


And that’s not all.

Pre-configured HR software and implementation!

Most enterprise HR software are used by experienced managers. They know the intricacies of HR policies. They are also been using HR software for years and understand how to configure the software for their needs.

But these competencies are often missing in SME organisations. Which can lead to a below par configuration and implementation will not get you the best from any software.

That’s why we went ahead and took it on ourselves.

  • OpportuneHR comes to you pre-configured.
  • As per your industry and organisational requirements.
  • With inbuilt compliances for minimum wages and other such statutory guidelines.

From designations and industry roles to compliance, the HR software (SME-HRMS) is ready to be used from day 1.

Even if you are in industries like manufacturing and health care where the range of workers is wide, from blue collar roles to higher management, and compliances involve various licences and statutory requirements, nothing to worry.

We have invested in the study of all industries. And you will get the best industry practices inbuilt into your SME-HRMS!

Now let us talk about something very vital: Customer Care!

Opportune.Care: World-class Service in your language

We understand that SME teams may not be well versed with technical and HR terminologies. So we have trained our customer care teams in empathy and consultative approach.

Our customer care team talks to your HR people in simple language, no jargon are thrown at them. We explain things in a step-by-step manner. And if need be, often in Hindi.

For us customer care isn’t just problem tackling. We make sure problems are avoided. We guide your team for getting the most out of our HR platform.


While others may claim they are meant for you, there is only one TRUE SME-HRMS

It saves you time and money. It helps you grow your business with the best HR practices. And ensures scalability as and when you grow.

Shift to OpportuneHR and see the difference.

with our team, today!
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