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Our complete ‘HR Experience’ approach has
ensured that


Employee HR Experience

Gamified Attendance System

Gamified attendance system

  • Improves employee engagement by at least 50%
  • Adherence to the compliance is improved significantly. 
  • Leaderboard, Badges & Winners, Rewards catalogue.
Gamified Attendance System

Mobile App

  • Employee self-service can be done with ease.
  • Real time notification for application status.
  • Faster query resolution via chat bots.
Contactless Attendance 

Contactless Attendance 

  • With COVID-19 SOP for safe return to office contactless attendance is a mandate.
  • Mobile attendance to facial recognition biometric, OpportuneHR has it all.
  • Time sheet function empowered ‘work from home’ & is used for recording working hours.
Bots for Communication

Bots for communication

  • With bots employees can communicate from any platform, FB, Whatapp, Telegram, mobile, mail.
  • Unstructured communication is made possible, bot structures it intelligently using ML and AI.
  • Real time response now possible against delayed responses, improving employee satisfaction. 
Tax Benefits

Tax Benefits

  • Integrate with Sodexo / Zeta or any other merchants offering tax benefits.
  • Tax benefits availed for food coupons, gifts, petrol card.
  • Employee APP to monitor the account ledger.

HR Ops Experience

Biometric attendance on cloud

Biometric attendance on cloud

  • ​​​​​​​Save 40% cost by reducing installation and maintenance work. Zero lag attendance.
  • Plug & Play Biometric, no software installation on premises.
  • Finger Template on cloud, reducing downtime to few minutes instead of registering employees fingers again.
HR Rules, Polices & Letters configuration

HR Rules, Polices & Letters configuration

  • 50+ Attendance & leave rules 
  • Travel policies & per diem configuration grade wise
  • Letter editor, to create as many types of letters, as per company formats.
Gamified Attendance System


  • Preventive care approach helps you avoid potential problems.
  • Timely guidance & support for smooth functioning of HR software.
  • ​​​​​​​99% uptime committed for seamless continuity of HRMS.
Mobile Geo Attendance

Mobile Geo Attendance

  • Marking of office location (Geo fencing) — one time set up.
  • Employees’ attendance is captured if only within the geo-fence location. 
  • Even if the internet is down, attendance is captured in offline mode along with its location.

Innovative HR Experience

Machine Learning,AI & Analytics

Machine Learning,AI & Analytics

  • Machine Learning helps in understanding employees’ usage patterns & improves software experience.
  • Artificial Intelligence [AI] reduces mundane work which can be automated.
  • Analytics helps in interpreting available data and decision-making. 
API Services

API Services

  • For freedom to integrate across enterprise applications
  • For seamless experience across users with SSO.
  • For ease of data exchange across business unit owners.


  • Opportune.Discovery continuously studies, observes, learns about emerging HR trends and scenarios.
  • We use this learning to enhance the HRMS software, for better productivity & automation experience.
  • Mastermind series & Client feedback is important process of Discovery program at OpportuneHR.


  • Opportune.Lab continuously work on enhancing HRMS design & user experience.
  • New technology experimentation for better productivity and decision friendly data capturing is our ongoing mission.
  • Highly skilled & trained resources work round the clock to deliver the best technology experience.

Unmatched, multi-level HR experience!

While the world is still focusing on UI and UX, at OpportuneHR we define HR experience in broader terms. That includes not just the end users but all stakeholders involved with HR function. From the cutting edge AI, ML, and BOTS to layered micro-features, OpportuneHR is created for a great HR experience.

So, To Wrap Up....

Everything that makes HR experience a delight. 

Single click

payroll dashboard

20K payslips in 4 hrs

super fast computing

API based approach

for integration experience


for real time information

letter writing

editors as per company formats

Gamified Experience

For employee engagement


unstructured communication

methods using BOT

A dedicated Client support team, led by higher management is always there, helping clients with our consultative approach. And it reflects in our industry leading 98% Client retention, year-on-year!

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