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Frequently Asked Questions

HRMS Software

HRMS stands for "Human Resource Management System". OpportuneHR is a HRMS tool designed to manage and access End to End HR, attendance and Payroll Management of a company.

OpportuneHR helps you to streamline all aspects of the HR and payroll processing system. It has a user-friendly interface; modules are integrated and can be customized for varying business needs, covering all aspects of payroll requirement across industries.

HR software has features to manage complete employee life cycle, talent management, payroll, compliances, performance, rewards & recognition

To make the user experience good it further has features like Mobile app, Geo fencing, real time biometric attendance, Employee self service, Zero error payroll, exits and F&F, API

Each of the modules provide depth in features, through our rule engines users can set HR policies, HR Practices, workflow, request, approvals, dashboard, Alerts

Human resource management or HRM comprises-- defining HR policies, recruiting, hiring, onboarding, training and develoment, appraisals, employee engagement and strategic HR practices. It is a must for smooth functioning of organisation.

3a: What Is The Role Of The HRMS Software In organisations?

HRMS or human resource management system is an automation solution that assists HR managers in smooth execution of HR policies and processes as per regulatory compliance and company policies. It eliminates human intervention and uploading of data manually, makes attendance, payroll and other HR functions accurate and error free.

We see OpportuneHR as more than a software, it's a solution. So we give proper training to the HR team & HODs also when & where required. Opportune hand-holds the team till they are confident to run and get benefitted by our enterprise platform all by themself

Our user guide is detailed and can be referred for any queries.

Typical implementation takes 2-6 weeks, depending on the availability of data to be configured. We provide pre-defined templates to collect information & data. If you are migrating from another HRMS, which many do, our migration engine will help you achieve it with relative ease.

OpportuneHR is deployed over a secured & scalable Cloud platform.

We cover the complete employee life cycle--Recruitment, Onboarding, Attendance & Leave, Expenses claims & Travel management, Payroll, Performance, Talent management and learning management. Exit management, Asset management, Rewards & Recognition

OpportuneHR is a cloud based solution, which means it runs on any device or hardware with a browser. Also, it has an android and iOS APP.

Sure. We have deployed it for companies with 100 employees, as well as 30000! So rest assured, if you are a growing company, keep growing, our platform will take care of your increasing people management needs.

We have designed it especially for progressive SME companies. Those who wish to adopt the best HR practices and grow exponentially. As the growth is continuous and policy change has to happen on continuos basis, we have designed the OpportuneHR platform with flexibility and micro-features as our key foundation. Designed for SME progressive company. Also, the scalability is built-in to take care of dynamic needs of SME companies.

Customer service is much more than just problem-solution. We believe in preventing the problem in the first place. team is available for after sales support. Ongoing support is available for any future understanding on usage of our HRMS.

Yes, IOS & Android apps are available on the Play store and iTunes store...

We understand your need to be fully convinced before committing to an enterprise platform. So, we provide Proof of Concept (POC) on request. It is more than a trial, because an enterprise system needs to be implemented well. We help you through this process as well.

This is one of our key strengths. Our API are available for integration, and our clients are enjoying data handshake with the best ERP systems like SAP, Sucessfactor & Tally.

Opportune takes a consultative approach, whereby our experts first understand your company policies & practises. Especially the uniue scenarios.

They gather data in pre-defined formats and configure the HRMS to run efficiently. We are there with you to tweak and make amends till you can run it on your own.

Proper handhold & training is given to HR & payroll managers. User manual is shared too.

Scalable | Secured | Affordable | Zero maintenance efforts | Uptime 99%

OpportuneHR works on 15% Automation principle framework, it allows customisation to fit a business need.

Payroll Software

A Payroll software helps company & HR department to compute salary / wages for its employees.

Payroll software has 3 components. Earnings, deductions & variables.

Based on the attendance marked, salary structure, and relevant compliance regulations, the software generats payroll & publish payslips. All with a single click.

Setting up payroll needs defined salary and incentive policies, expertise & awareness of the laws.

Key actions to set up payroll--

- Define Salary structure including variables

- Configure the compliance contribution as per rules

- Computation of taxation as per earning slabs

- Misc payroll activities like [Setting rules for loans & advances, arrears]

OpportuneHR goes beyond the general performance benchmarks for the category.

Payroll Software In India must comply with state & central laws, OpportuneHR presents the compliance reports as per different states, and in a format which can be presented immediately on demand.

Payroll software needs flexibility to handle various employment types, and also the varying company policies. With our scenario based design and 15% HR automation principle, OpportuneHR is the most flexible solution around.

Standard stand alone payroll software doesn't connect well with other ERP systems, and manual intervention is required. With our APIs and powerful rules engines you can configure and integrate with almost all ERP solutions, including SAP, Tally and Success Factor.

Pricing ranges from INR 15/- per employee to 50/- per employee per month. You can start small and scale big as per your needs.

OpportuneHR has many APIs available which can be used to integrate with ERP systems, accounting systems including solutions like Tally, SAP. If needed OpportuneHR also gives an option to upload relevant cost center data using Excel sheets.

Time & Attendance System

Time and attendance software accurately captures the In-Time and Out-Time of employees. Which is the basis for an employee's salary and overtime calculations. Modern time and attendance software like OpportuneHR also have a timesheet module which helps in estimating the time required for doing a task, invoicing etc. An online attendance system running on cloud can take care of multiple location attendance and floating employee attendance in real time.

The time and attendance system is an integration of attendance hardware & software. Attendance capturing hardware like a biometric system (mobile phone, desktop) captures the attendance, sends it to Attendance software, then software applies the attendance rules and marks the status.

OpportuneHR has an API to integrate with your existing biometric hardware, assuming the device is compatible. Practically, the answer is, there won't be a need to replace hardware.

We suggest keeping attendance recording separate from access control. The two have very different objectives. Attendance management software has vast scope. It isn't just about capturing the presence of an employee on the premises. A good employee attendance management system like OpportunHR also takes care of timesheet management, compliance, analytics and much more.

Still, if a company wants to use access control for attendance, OpportuneHR can be integrated.

For security access control is the required solution. Our attendance software can help avoid proxy attendance & help in productivity & workforce planning.

OpportuneHR Time and attendance management software gives you many advantages. You can keep a track of in / out time in real time.

- Stops proxy attendance - Helps monitor productivity - Workforce management & many more benefits:

OpportuneHR offers an end-to-end Employee Attendance system - Cuckoo Tech. It is a bundle of hardware and software for a complete attendance solution. Patented biometric devices can be deployed over the cloud, integrated with rule engine based attendance software. Both are offered on the OpportuneHR platform.

If more customisation is needed, we do it through our application of 15% unique HR scenario automation principle.

Yes, OpportuneHR supports biometric systems of various kinds. We offer a wide range of biometrics, like: finger based biometric, RFID devices, Face recognition biometric, including pin based authentication.

Opportune attendance software has API to integrate paid days, leave data with payroll software. So, yes, it will work with your payroll system. Opportune also offers attendance integrated payroll software of its own.

OpportuneHR is well-designed to work for multi-location & real time attendance monitoring. In fact, multi-location attendance management is one of our strong points.

OpportuneHR attendance system is deployed over the cloud. Our Attendance software is used by companies ranging from 20 employees to 30,000 employees! Everyone is running the same system. Scalability is never an issue with our bulk attendance handling capabilities.

Opportune Attendance system has many unique features:
1. Ultra real time attendance
2. Biometric on cloud
3. Gamified attendance experience
4. Offline attendance marking using mobile app
5. Geofencing
6. Contractor employees' attendance and many more.

Opportune allows POC for prospective clients.

Post trial, we have seen 99% success of client subscriptions. Nevertheless, if the client intends to move out, data will be deleted. You can still avail our helpline and other facilities.

We have a special system for customer support: Opportune.Care. It is much more than just the after-sales service. With our consultative approach we help clients in avoiding potential mistakes and challenges. There is a chatbot and ticketing system to assist you in case of a problem.

We also study the best use cases across industries, and our customer success officer guides the clients to adopt these practices for getting the maximum benefits from our attendance system.

Yes, one can easily opt for new additional modules. All modules are well integrated and work together smoothly.

Opportune believes that any software is 85% standard & 15% needs to be customized as per business / industry requirements. That's the basic foundation of our design approach.

Yes, opportuneHR offers a mobile app capable of geo fencing. The app also has the feature to punch attendance in offline mode!. Available in Android as well as iOS version.

Yes, all OpportuneHR data can be exported into xls.

The software has an option to retrieve password, using 'forgot password' link; at the employee end. So the HR team need not to worry about it.