What are the latest trends in HR Technology?

With the help of HR technology, many companies have managed to stay in the race of doing business even in a situation like a pandemic. This is because these technologies help in numerous ways which in turn help the business people to connect with their remote workforce. HR technology continued to help HR leaders to serve the business and made it easier for them to conduct communication within their organization by introducing various communication channels like a tracking system, best payroll software in India, maintenance of employee information among others.

No matter whether yours is a small-scale organization or a large-scale organization, HR technology helps for all.

Well, because of HR technology, HR professionals are even more engaged in their work, and also it is making their work easier than before. Why? Because there’s a separate system for conducting various tasks.

According to a survey, it is surveyed that with the advent of HR technology, the corporate success of many organizations has witnessed great success. It has not just strengthened the company’s investment but also ensures employee productivity.

Do you want to know more about HR technology?

Read on to know more about it.

What is the meaning of ‘HR Technology’?

Well, there is a wide range of functions which an HR has to perform. Some of them include attendance and best software for payroll, talent acquisition tasks, employee assistance, and much more. It would have been quite a difficult task to maintain if HR technology would not have been there at times of pandemics. There is various software available which comes under HR technology which helps businesses in several ways.

Now the thing is, is this software is easy to use by newbies, and if not, how many skills are required to access these?

Well, this Hr software is not so difficult to use. Usage of these tools helps HR management to plan for their organization more strategically and at the same time prevents businesses from the hindrance of work during tough times, like a pandemic.

Let’s discuss some HR technology in detail:

As discussed above, there is a wide range of HR technologies that are helping HR professionals manage the business effectively even in times of pandemic remotely.

Let’s take a look at some of the technologies and know about them in detail.

1. Artificial Intelligence

Process related to recruitment and hiring takes place with the help of HR technologies like Artificial Intelligence. It not just speeds up the process but also provides quick suggestions for recruiting a particular person for a particular job. With the help of artificial intelligence, HR’s can filter out the applications and can only focus on the ones which are actually of use.

Artificial Intelligence also makes it easier for HR to match the required skills and also analyze if that is of use to the organization or not.

Hiring is no doubt, a time-consuming process but today with the help of artificial intelligence, it has become an easy task with less time consumption.

2. Chatbots

Chatbots are a newly built feature that helps to conduct interviews online when face-to-face interviews are not possible. They not just connect the employer and the employee but also helps them to know each other better by providing them ease of chatting and even share resumes, applications, work samples, work links, and other related material in no time.

One main feature of chatbots is that they are not time-consuming. As face-to-face interviews are a time-consuming process. Chatbots help the HR professionals to know the applicants in a much better way and filter out the ones which are genuine leads and are of use to the organization.

3. Cloud-based HR system

When you are working remotely, your entire team will be working remotely (including the HR department). Companies are expanding their team and at the same time, people from all over the world are being hired, from different regions and parts of the world. To maintain the pace going, all the tasks which are assigned to the HR department like employee payroll management system, time and attendance and payroll management system, recruitments, and other things need to be conducted online. This can be done with the help of Employee self-service models, which not just helps the HR’s to manage their teams but also helps to maintain records.

4. People Analytics Tool

These days, the main issue which is arising between businesses and the employees is the mismatch between the company’s goals with those of the team. This in turn affects the employee’s retention rates and the overall productivity level of the employees. Well, to curb this disparity between the two, companies have started focusing on people’s analytics tools which can be used at various stages by HR management.

Here’s how people’s analytics tools can be used:

  • Training

    Determining the learning style of the employee and analyzing his preferred way of grasping things, and encourage them accordingly to accomplish their overall goals.

  • Engagement

    This helps in determining the actual cause behind the main reason for hindrance at work. It helps in determining various factors and at the same time helps to solve them at the earliest with the help of a people analytics tool.

  • Employability

    Analyzing the skillset of the current workforce and assign them the maximum work to avoid the hiring of new personnel.

5. Biometric System for time tracking

Attendance maintenance or a biometric system for attendance marking is vital for any organization, even if it is remotely operating. However, there are so many companies that are still using outdated versions of the attendance management software or are using registers for marking attendance.

Today with technological advancement we are having numerous tools which can be used as a biometric system to mark attendance. It does not just help the HR department to run smoothly functioning in an organization but also provides the ease of determining the working time of the employees.

With the installation of biometric scanners, proxies by buddies can be avoided and smooth transparency can be maintained.

Final Words

The future of HR personals is closely linked with technology. More and more companies are switching themselves towards technical tools which not just eases the work of HR managers but also smoothes the business workflow.

We hope that the above points would be of utmost help to you and at the same time help you to shape your future in a better way!


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