How does automation affect HR – the benefits

If you are on the fence about whether or not you must go in for HR automation, here are some key benefits that might just nudge you onto the path. Let’s get started!

Improved productivity due to quick processing and data sharing

Having a central HR system will help your HR department save a lot of time and improve compliance. The HR system will ensure that all employee records are tracked, with only the anomalies being reported to you. You can also share data across the board in a simple and effective manner.

Stay free from compliance risk or policy violations

What is imperative to the success of HR management is staying compliant with existing laws and regulations. Depending on the size of your business, location, and industry, you will have to follow a number of laws and regulations. With HR automation, benefits laws and regulations can be drastically simplified and can be updated automatically. Benefits compliance can be very complex and confusing without a structured system in place.

Reduce employee turnover due to heightened employee engagement

With automation in HR, employee retention will see an improvement, and turnover will decrease. An HR System shows how many workers leave the company in a given year and tracks the company’s attrition rate. If employees are given more freedom within the organisation, there is a lesser rate of turnover, and one of the ways to achieve this is through automation.

Enhance organisational growth through efficient hiring at an optimal operational cost

One of the most manual processes within HR which often becomes cumbersome is employee recruitment. Using HR automation, this process can be made more efficient. Documents can be collected electronically, devices can be delivered quickly, and tool access can be shared with employees quickly. It will also create automatic notifications, approval workflows, submitting e-signed forms, and much more.

HR Automation: Some Examples

Let us have a look at the areas that automation is working in successfully:

    • Interviewing

      Technology is working towards bringing together collaborators with recruiters and gives feedback on which
      job applications are worth pursuing. It helps recruiters meet the right candidates and gives people a chance
      to showcase their authentic personalities.

    • On-boarding

      Talla is an AI and automation platform that aims to transform the way businesses deliver employee and customer support.

    • Coaching

      Saberr is a company that creates employee surveys and analyses them for success in working relationships. They also help in creating better coaching models for employees in an organisation.

    • Payroll

      While payroll management is much simpler today than ever before automation will make it even simpler in the coming few years. From managing benefits to producing paychecks, it will soon all be on an automated routine.

    • Time and Attendance

      Attendance can be tracked on an everyday basis in real-time. If there are any inconsistencies, direct notifications and steps can be taken. It also avoids payroll errors and ensure fair play among employees.

    • Contractor management

      This is another area where automation helps enormously. Reducing the time spent on routine tasks like contractor signing, onboarding and more. Soon we’ll also be able to assign milestones and automate their reporting!

So, what are you waiting for? Go jump into the HR automation pool! Hope this helped you understand the use and need for automation in HR.


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