​​​​​​​Employee Pulse Monitor Is Now Available For SME Businesses!

The business world is competitive and it’s getting tougher. With no regard for the size of your business. The competitors poach the best talent from smaller, successful companies. And the employees get job recommendations from LinkedIn and other platforms all the time.

It’s pretty important to retain our best talent. And that needs active engagement.

Many companies have gone to the extent of setting up special HR cells for engagement. Or they outsource the engagement activities to agencies.

But they MISS an important distinction.

  • If an employee likes sports, but you give him a musical night, that won’t make an impact.
  • An employee who needs help with his job role and is struggling to meet his targets won’t be interested in your fun carnival encroaching into his work hours.
  • When people are facing burnout, and are anguished about their relationship with a new manager, engagement activities just become futile. And they want to shift to other places.

Listening To Employee’s Real Needs Is important.

That’s where Employee Pulse Monitoring comes into picture.

All big businesses are jumping on the Employee Pulse Monitoring bandwagon. They are creating platforms, calling counsellors and looking into psychological data points.

This leads to improved business performance and profitability.

But SME businesses are hesitant and slow to embrace the Employee Pulse Monitoring.

While employee engagement is important for all businesses, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) often face challenges in monitoring the pulse of their workforce.

Unlike larger corporations with dedicated human resources departments and sophisticated systems in place, SMEs struggle with 3 real challenges:

  1. High Investment in Pulse Monitoring System
  2. Low HR bandwidth and expertise
  3. No expertise in using the Pulse Monitoring results

Discover why employee engagement matters for all businesses!

The good news!

A new range of software-based pulse monitoring solutions are available now. Which means no need to invest in capital-intensive enterprise solutions. So even SME organisations can go for them.

With these ‘software as service’ options at their disposal, SMEs can easily gather valuable insights into their workforce’s satisfaction levels and overall well-being. You can identify areas for improvement in your organisation. And it is possible to recognize successful initiatives.

Now, as financial barriers are taken care of, let’s see how an Employee Pulse Monitoring System can help your SME organisation.

OpportuneHR Employee Pulse Monitoring System.

Employee Pulse Surveys are often taken as luxuries only meant for lager organisations with deep pockets. But with OpportuneHR‘s revolutionary pulse monitoring system, this perception is shattered.
We have made Pulse Monitoring not just affordable, but also easy to manage. Even with your current HR bandwidth, you can reap the rewards of Employee Pulse Monitoring.

The Power Of Employee Pulse Monitoring For SME Businesses

Gone are the days of lengthy, year-end surveys. Our Pulse Monitoring surveys are online surveys of 60–90 seconds. So, your employees can take these surveys without any distraction away from their core work. These bite-sized surveys are actually fun and employees look forward to them.

Rather than formal surveys, you can consider them as mini-conversations with your employees. As these happen regularly, you get a real time understanding of the mood in the organisation. Which means HR can take corrective action in time. Burnouts can be avoided. And booster shots of engagement activities can be timed well.

These Surveys Are Anonymous!

The employees have an option to keep their name secret. It guarantees honest and genuine feedback.

And as an employer, you can catch serious issues early. You can make changes in your policies and can improve your work culture through this kind of ongoing communication.

Let The Power Of Psychology Work For You!

The surveys aren’t just a bundle of questions thrown together. Our surveys are based on organisational psychology and behaviour science. Which means you get the best insights from progressive organisations available for you.

Let’s raise the curtain for you on how we use these psychological insights to improve performance and work culture in your organisation.

Nudges: The Secret Sauce That Improves Performance

We go beyond mere surveys. Employers and HR get an analytical report describing the success and challenges in the organisation. At the same time, employees and managers are given Nudges (Suggestions for action) which can help them improve their performance.

It’s like there is a personal counsellor for employees and managers who help them grow with personalised recommendations. Our system also monitors the actions taken by the employees and how it reflect in their future responses.

On the other hand, our system can recognise emerging issues and managers also receive nudges to improve their leadership style. They also get suggestions for gaining new knowledge and skills. This helps the individual manager, as well as the overall leadership level in the organisation.

Case Study:

One of our SME clients in the IT service sector implemented Employee Pulse Monitoring. Within 2 weeks they understood that the programming team was resisting some of their new initiatives.

The business owner took quick action. He took the programming team in confidence and shared with them the new positioning that the company was adopting in the marketplace. In light of this information, the programming team could appreciate the importance of new initiatives.

The business owner was elated. In his own words, ‘Employee Pulse Monitoring helped us recognise the problem early. Without it, we would have wasted another 2 months fuming and fighting.’

In a nutshell–

New age Employee Pulse Monitoring Software are cost-effective solution which must be used by SME organisations.

Anonymity ensures honesty and authenticity in responses, leading to accurate data that drives positive change within an organization.

Employee Pulse Monitoring provides valuable insights into the overall health of an organization’s workforce. You get a snapshot revealing employee’s attitudes, concerns, and aspirations.

Armed with this information, the HR team gains invaluable knowledge about any potential disconnects or areas requiring immediate attention.

When organisations seek out feedback on a regular basis and act on the responses, it cultivates a culture of trust and collaboration. All employees feel heard and valued.

By promptly addressing concerns as they arise, organizations can prevent small problems from snowballing into significant challenges. This proactive approach not only saves time and resources but also ensures a harmonious work environment conducive to growth and success.

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