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It’s a moment of great pride for me to share our new e-book with you.

This e-book is already going viral and getting downloaded by HR folks as well as business owners. And people are asking for a print copy. (We are planning to release that soon.)

Here I wish to share with you why and how we created this e-book.

At Opportune we are laser focused on creating HR tech solutions for SME and startup businesses. Our motto is: We make HR easy!

And with that intent, we consolidated all our learning over many years in the HR domain. We regularly organise ‘HR Mastermind Sessions’ and speak with HR experts. Those inputs became the springboard for this initiative.

We formulated our hypotheses and consulted with HR experts. Exchanged ideas with clients. And also spoke to mentors in the area of organisational development. Our editorial team took these insights and added value with their own secondary research: going through prestigious reports, publications and media sources.

The culmination of that intense exercise is this insightful e-book:

7 Key HR Lessons SME Businesses Can Learn From Corporates

Why did we choose this angle for the book?

We asked ourselves the fundamental question.

All businesses start small. But only a few get into the big league. What makes the difference?

One answer that we got again and again was:

They all had a good product or service, and they could capitalise on their initial success.

We agree.

But then, the next question was :

Many of their competitors also had good products and services, isn’t it?

Why could these winners capitalise on the initial success, but others could not?

One probable answer is availability of finance.

But that’s not the real reason why winning companies could beat others.

The answer lies in professional work culture. When the demand for the product and services grows in the marketplace, there must be systems in place to make the most of it.

Higher demand needs more hands and brains to supply it.

The organisation must be able to attract good talent and retain them. And they must be able to scale at a pace which can match the financial growth.

When the pressure to perform grows, the organisation must have a culture to cope up with it.

That’s where the HR comes into picture. A good HR foundation is a must for all growing organisations. Without proper HRMS systems, the organisation can’t fulfil demands and expectations of the marketplace.

The main point of our e-book is :

If you wait to establish better HR practices after you attain a certain size, it will be late!

You don’t need money to establish professional HR practices. It needs a progressive mindset.

It’s not an academic book.

And you can’t buy something like this in the market.

We published it for private consumption, only for our clients. But more and more people are asking for it, and we are opening the access to HR people and business owners in our larger community.

From strategic HR practices to the power of automation and data-driven decision-making, this e-book is packed with actionable tips. Tips that are proven, and would take your business to the next level.

Here’s what you’ll learn :

  • What is strategic HR? And how it can help SME businesses?
  • Why should SMEs go for HR automation early?
  • The significance of documentation in an organisation? And the benefits of this practice for employers and employees.
  • Compliance: How to tackle it easily?
  • Importance of onboarding in boosting employee retention
  • Strategies for increasing employee engagement on a limited budget
  • The power of data-driven decision-making in optimizing HR processes
  • Tips for accelerating HR business processes and increasing ROI on efforts.

Want to unlock the full potential of your HR practices?

Don’t miss out on these valuable lessons that can transform your business!

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