OpportuneHR: The Best HRMS Software For SME Business!

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) face unique challenges managing their human resource (HR) functions. Often, these businesses have small HR teams. So business owners also get involved in HR tasks.

Let’s be straightforward here. This poses multiple challenges.
First and foremost, the business owner gets distracted from the core business, & the business suffers.

Secondly, HR is a specialised function. Admin and junior HR persons get overwhelmed with the complexities involved. This leads to inefficiencies in managing attendance, payroll, leave management, recruitment, & onboarding. And errors in adhering to compliance.

An unreliable attendance system can lead to loss of productivity and revenue.

An inaccurate payroll system can result in legal penalties and employee dissatisfaction.

Poor leave management can negatively impact employee morale and retention rates.

Ineffective recruitment and onboarding processes can result in poor-quality hires that affect the overall health of the business.

To address these issues, SMEs need an efficient HRMS software solution like OpportuneHR.

Not just any other HR software , specifically, OpportuneHR: Because it is created specially for SME businesses! Addressing your unique scenarios.

If your business has 50 to 500 employees, this is the HR software for you.

It offers several benefits that streamline various human resource functions. Such as attendance tracking, payroll processing, leave management, recruitment automation, and onboarding support. All customised for SME business requirements.

Let us give you some specific examples for you to appreciate why OpportuneHR is the best HRMS software for SME business.

Our vast study and surveys suggest:

SMEs face 5 major challenges in business growth.

  • HR operations take too much time.
    Integration of various Excel sheets and desktop data creates discrepancies in attendance and payroll generation. A good amount of HR team’s time goes into solving these issues.So, they don’t get time for policy matters, documentation, employee engagement. Owners also get involved in HR and admin.
  • Productivity and discipline issues in the organisation.
    In spite of business owners trying their best, it is difficult to create a professional work culture. Without which the business can’t scale up.More importantly, employees seem to work, but it doesn’t reflect in business outcomes.
  • Challenges in hiring and retention of good talent.
    While the business grows, the company doesn’t get good employees to handle the growth. And when good talent joins, it is difficult to retain them.
  • Business owners don’t get a sense of what’s happening in the organisation.
    They are often not in the know, how well the organisation is working on a day-to-day basis. While data is there, they don’t know how to use it for making business decisions.
  • Government rules keep changing and evolving. Creating compliance issues.
    The HR team finds it difficult to cope up with these changes. Resulting in compliance issues.

OpportuneHR takes care of all these issues for you!

Let’s address these factors one at a time.

Smooth and speedy HR operations! 

When the organisation is small, it is fine to run the organisational HR through Excel sheets and desktop admin software. But as soon as the employee strength grows, these solutions fall short of expectations.

OpportuneHR offers many advantages over desktop software. From recruiting to onboarding, training and appraisals, to the F&F, OpportuneHR covers the entire employee lifecycle.

Employee records are well maintained on Opportune’s cloud management software.

Especially if you have an office in the city and factory locations elsewhere, our cloud-based software solution integrates the data in real time, resulting in an ‘always updated’ employee database.

OpportuneHR offers Employee self-service portal.

Desktop solutions are available only to admins. And employees need to go to them for all information.

But OpportuneHR includes employee dashboard, too. And that too, at a cost lower than ‘admin-only’ desktop solutions.

  • Employee dashboard and employee self-service feature help SME organisations in so many ways–
  1. Saves time:ESS eliminates the need for employees to contact HR personnel for basic HR tasks such as updating their contact information, accessing payslips, or requesting time off.By providing easy access to this information, ESS saves employees’ time and frees HR personnel to focus on more strategic tasks.
  2. Increases efficiency:ESS consolidates all the necessary HR information into one user-friendly gateway, making it easier for employees to access and manage their data.With ESS, employees no longer have to navigate through various HR systems or wait for manual approvals, resulting in increased efficiency.
  3. Empowers employees:ESS empowers employees to take control of their HR-related tasks, such as updating their personal details, applying for leave, or accessing training details.By providing employees with the tools to manage their own data, ESS reduces their dependence on HR personnel and fosters a sense of ownership and responsibility.
  4. Eliminates errors:ESS helps eliminate errors in record-keeping by allowing employees to cross-check their data and correct any discrepancies. It also lowers the risk of errors caused by manual data entry or miscommunication.
  5. Enhances communication:ESS promotes better communication between employees and their managers by providing a platform for employee requests and manager approvals. It enables managers to review and respond to requests in a timely manner, increasing transparency and accountability.

Attendance tracking software

OpportuneHR has a very powerful time and attendance software.

It is a complete attendance software platform in its own right!

All organisations and industries have their own peculiar attendance calculating ways. We have designed the software to be ultra-flexible. It can tackle all such unique requirements in your SME organisation.

We know many SME business outlets or workshops have only a handful of people. Our plug-and-play attendance system fits well with such scenarios, too. And saves you a lot of money. While making sure the entire workforce is on the HRMS system.

Let’s give you another piece of good news: even if the workstations are in remote locations without proper Internet connectivity, it’s not a problem. Our mobile app works in offline mode, too!

Yes! That’s correct, you get a mobile app for your workforce along with OpportuneHR! An esteem booster for your employees.

Payroll & Taxation is easy!

With one click payroll generation module.

Many SME business owners confess, payroll generation is a challenge. Payroll calculations and deductions are complex. And the issue is sensitive. Even a minor discrepancy in salaries can invite angry responses.

Plus, the compliances.

OpportuneHR’s payroll software is a blessing for SME organisations here. It is so real time and seamless, you can generate payroll on any given date. All compliances and complex calculation formulas are built into the system.

So business owners need not get busy with payroll generation. With one click payroll generation is an ultra-smooth process.

Our payroll software ensures–

1: Reduced errors and minimized risks of information theft with secure data protection.
2: Improved accuracy in calculating overtime pay and other employee deductions.
3: Helps businesses stay up-to-date with employment regulations and legal obligations.
4: Employee portal helps employees in checking payslips, holiday entitlements or tax forms.
5: Real-time tracking of payments and expenses makes it easy for business owners and CFOs to monitor cash flow.
6: Easy and efficient filing of tax forms and ensuring they are submitted on time.
7: Provides accurate financial information to accounting systems, adding control and accuracy to the bookkeeping process.

Greater transparency with financial information, makes it easy for staff to understand how the pay is calculated and thus boosts company morale.

Leave Management

With OpportuneHR leave management Software, HR personnel are free from any paper work. Every step of the process, including scheduling, approvals, and reporting, can be handled directly from the software. Desktop, as well as mobile app.

Employees can apply for leave directly through the OpportuneHR dashboard. And managers get a complete sense of the number of leave applications. They can approve or reject the request through their mobile app.

This real-time monitoring eliminates the wait time and increases transparency.

By automating every element of Human resource function from attendance to payroll, leave management to employee record updation, human errors are reduced, and HR departments can operate much more efficiently.

Opportune HRMS takes a lot of HR operation load from HR managers. Saves effort and time.

Enhancing productivity and discipline in the organisation.

Business owners often complain, ‘people seem to work all the time, but work doesn’t get done!’

This happens because of 2 factors.

1: Lack of clarity on employee roles and expectations.

In SME organisations, employee roles are often not well-defined. The job description is either not there, or employees are not clear about it.

With OpportuneHR. this is not the case. Employees have one-click access to company policies and other documents.

It creates the right expectations for both, employees as well as their managers. And helps improve the productivity of the organisation. Because people are not involved in unnecessary tasks.

When they work, it is related with their responsibility and organisation goals.

2: Lack of alignment between work done and organisation objectives.

The other factor contributing to the ‘all work but no results’ feeling is the lack of alignment between business objectives and the work being done.

Here our well-designed timesheet module helps your HR team and the line managers. Timesheet goes much beyond time tracking. It is a tool for analysis.

As a business owner, you can always see what work an employee is engaged in most of the time? How many work hours a team take in carrying over certain projects?

Any inconsistency with industry benchmarks will lead to deeper analysis. And that will lead to better solutions and productivity.

Acquisition and retention of good talent

This is a real pain area for SME organisations. Because good candidates look for much more than just the salary. They want a better work culture, good employee experience and potential for personal growth.

OpportuneHR helps you increase retention and decrease employee turnover by smoothening the hiring process.

Recruiting Talent:

Imagine a scenario where you wish to hire a sales manager with experience in bigger organisations. Obviously the candidate talks with multiple companies.

In such a competitive scenario, a quick response makes a difference. OpportuneHR. supports SME HR teams here —

Applicant tracking system, parsing of CVs, job descriptions, and employee benefits details are readily available. The interview scheduling feature helps the HR in engaging the potential candidates professionally.

These features make the talent acquisition and recruitment process professional and painless.

Better onboarding experience:

The time between offer acceptance and actually joining the organisation is crucial. OpportuneHR’s onboarding features like uploading and rectification of documents on the employee portal help in such scenarios.

A professional employee onboarding process

Again, employee self-service plays an important role. When the employee can upload his or her details digitally, and get access to all company policies, his job description, and employee benefits details on day 1, he knows he is working in a professional organisation. This sets the tone for future success.

Employee engagement

OpportuneHR. helps create a professional work culture. From gamification to rewards and recognition, and chatbot, it has a wide range of features for engaging employees.

Employees are updated regularly through notifications on their dashboards. So they know who are the new employees joining their team and are aware of upcoming birthdays and other group activities organised by HR.

Most importantly, they get timely updates about company policies and news.

On the growth front, employee training is an important area.

Employees are notified of upcoming training programs, and any certification opportunities available. Awards, rewards, and other recognition create a good buzz in the office for them to get involved in the organisation growth.

By embracing our employee engagement features, SME businesses can stay competitive, productive, and successful.

Auto updation of government policies and compliances.

Government rules and guidelines change so often, it is difficult to follow them even for HR teams in big organisations. For HR teams in SME business, it is even more difficult.

Here OpportuneHR’s cloud-based software is a blessing. Because all relevant rules are updated in the HRMS software on a consistent basis.

Also, when some of the company policies are not in adherence to the government guidelines, the software creates warnings. This is helpful for the HR team as well as for the business owner.

Especially if you have business units in multiple locations and teams, the holidays as well as statutory requirements vary. That too is easy with OpportuneHR.

With the help of such key features in Opportune HRMS software, you can automate and ensure adherence to relevant legal and regulatory requirements.

Employers need to know what’s happening in the organisation.

In today’s world, data and analytics are the most vital factor in running a professional organisation. To remain competitive.

We already covered some of this above:- Time tracking trends, timesheets etc. help you understand how departments and managers are performing.

With our wisely designed and decision-friendly reports, the HR team can do the analysis and update management about HR budgeting and costing.

For example, what is the cost per employee? What is the employee turnover ratio in the last quarter of the year? You can see the correlation between sales turnover, production level, and employee strength. The possibilities are immense.

Such analysis will help business owners make better decisions for business growth and scalability.

Let us tell you, this is just the tip of the OpportuneHR capabilities!

Attendance management and employee payroll management are essential features in HR software. In addition, our HR software can help you scale up at every step of your success story–

  • From talent management to expense management, document management, and compensation management, you will find OpportuneHR along with you. Add contractor worker modules also.
  • Apart from our HR automation software, if you need performance management tools and support, you can engage our expert HR team to assist you.

Now let’s address the most important aspect of upgrading to an HR tool like OpportuneHR!

Customer success team!

1 1 300x98

We are in business for a decade, and from the very beginning, our customer service has remained exemplary.

Our clients say this is one of our top strengths. And distinguish us from other HR and payroll software.

. Let us give you some examples –

  • Our customer service experts understand that you, or the HR team in your organisation, may not understand technical jargon. So we use an easy, HR-friendly language.
  • Furthermore, OpportuneHR’s customer service team is always available to answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding the software. They take pride in timely responses and strive to provide personalized solutions tailored to meet your needs.
  • In addition to technical support, ongoing support is needed in other areas, too. Such as compliance with changing regulations or industry requirements specific to your business.
  • We at OpportuneHR understand these challenges. We work closely with businesses across a wide range of industries such as healthcare, IT, and manufacturing. Ensuring they all maintain compliance with relevant regulations.

In summary, implementing an HRMS solution like OpportuneHR can significantly improve productivity in managing various HR functions for SME businesses.

However, successful implementation goes beyond just implementing it. Our team understands the role of HR in growth of SME businesses and ensures that our HRMS solution and allied services meet your needs.


OpportuneHR is the best human resource software for SMEs. It takes care of attendance marking and payroll processes, onboarding and employee engagement, compliance and analytics. With an aim to support your SME organisation in business growth.

With us, you get streamlined and comprehensive HR software.

We have our own biometric system, and you can integrate it with any biometric solution of your choice, too. A seamless integration is possible with our API solutions.

Employee engagement features, an employee training calendar help in growth of the company. Making a professional work culture.

Analytics and reporting will give you a deeper understanding of what’s happening in the organisation. As a clever business person, you can see insights that will help you grow your business.

While we are talking about key features here, the real power of OpportuneHR lies in its scenario-based design. We even take care of scenarios that are unique to SME organisations. Our enhanced level of flexibility, real-time performance and seamless automation ensures that a business owner is free from HR responsibilities. OpportuneHR empowers SME HR teams to perform like any top-notch HR team in bigger organisations. In SME budgets!

Fix an appointment for a demo:-

Some questions that SME often asks:

Is there a trial available?

We appreciate that SMEs wish to be sure that they are investing their money in the right human resource management system. The reality is, an HRMS system needs a lot of consultation and hand-holding to get the best results. We help you do it through our consultative approach. This simply means a trial will never give you a sense of what our software can do for you.

Do you have a basic plan or special package for SMEs?

We have created our whole product for SMEs! We help you save a lot through our well-designed software and hardware bundles. Rest assured, from our pricing to customer support, everything is geared toward SMEs.

The only package that we have is The SME package!

And it is not basic, but ultra powerful. With all the key features and support that you need for a professionally running HR function in your organisation.

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