Why The HRMS Software Demand Is Going Up, Up, And Up?

Indian SME businesses are gearing up, not just for incremental growth but the big game. It clearly shows in the increasing demand for HRMS softwares.

Why is the increase in HRMS software so vital an index?

Because companies mostly start with automation in the area of finance and sales. Only when they are ready for the big game they shift the automation focus on other areas.

As per one survey by a global IT consulting firm, HRMS has already moved to the 3rd position when it comes to automation within an organisation after Finance & sales.

  • According to a leading B2B lead generating website, at least 75 new enquiries per week are generated for HRMS software. Just between 4 metro cities. Rest of India will be manifold.
  • According to a sales insight compiled among top 5 HRMS software companies in India, on an average, the business had increased three-fold in last two years.

The imminent question is, why? What’s the reason for this hot demand for HRMS automation?

1: Growth Possibilities

Those who are connected with the policymakers know that current changes in financial approach might be tough for the short haul, in reality, India is getting ready for a big leap. The next decade belongs to India. Reasons are many– outsourcing, software services, start-up India or make in India initiative. And the skill India program, too.

With all these initiatives, human resource & its demand will grow exponentially. And with new age workforce, the need for intelligent HRMS software is going up.

Any recruiter will tell you today’s workforce wants to work with progressive organisations. And any organisation still working on old legacy HRMS systems doesn’t win in this race.

Those business owners who wish to gain the most are opting for HRMS software. Sooner the better.

2: HR Domain Is Evolving

HR as a business domain has evolved. Like, in the automobile industry hundreds of ancillaries work around HR.

With so much need & solution around HR, it becomes important to have HRMS solutions that are smart, intelligent & integrated.

One recent observation was that the new generation companies are more adaptive to HR technology. These companies are ready to implement plug & play cloud-based, SaaS offering HRMS software.

Even the management schools are offering HR automation as one of the specialisation subjects for learners.

3: Business Decision

Companies who are going to the next level are expanding. Not just in employee numbers but geographically as well. So they need expert HR talent. The cost of such talent has gone 4 times in last few years.

These experts need to focus on company policies, employee engagement activities and creating better work culture. Why waste such resource on day-to-day operational affairs?

Especially when HRMS solution can do the work.

4: HRMS Software Companies Are Evolving

Indian HRMS software companies are creating the solutions which are world class. With good services. They are evolving the software for toughest of Indian HR scenarios.

For example, at Opportune we regularly organise Master-Mind sessions with HR professionals to understand the evolving market needs. At these sessions the HR experts throw challenges at us, they ask for new solutions for emerging HR demands.

All our new developments are based on these real-life demands from HR fraternity.

These are some of the factors fuelling the HRMS software demand in India. For more information and exchanging ideas, you can email me on dhwani@opportune.in

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