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10 Signs Your Business Needs HRMS Software

Time is money and as a business owner or manager, you need to recognise and own that. Business people just can’t ignore it. Whether you’re starting a new business or been around for a while, investing in an HRMS needs to be a part of the conversation.

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Role of HR automation in executing CFO responsibilities

In today’s knowledge driven economy, it is important to have a comprehensive Human Resources Management system which manages data in a decision supportive manner. Such system provides CFO / Finance manager’s tools to assist in corrective decision making for reducing costs and enhancing profits for the company.

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How to choose a good HRMS software When every vendor says they are the best?

To begin with, you don’t want your bosses to yell at you for no fault of yours. You don’t want to hear the employees crib…”HR is useless”…”Why there is a late mark when I was on time?” …and thousands of other remarks hurled at you, when you are not personally responsible!

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