Which is the best HRMS for the manufacturing industry in India?

The best HRMS for the manufacturing industry in India?

That’s not one question, it contains many other questions. Best on what basis? Best for whom? By price? By performance?

To get a better perspective, let’s reframe the question a little–

Which HRMS software is best suited to handle the complexities of the Indian manufacturing industry?

OpportuneHR passes the test on this most tough question, as well as gets flying colours on other evaluation aspects.

It is highly endorsed by human resource management of manufacturing companies. From employee strength of some hundred employees in an ancillary unit to workforce of thousands, in heavy machinery companies, it takes care of HR challenges successfully. From routine HR tasks to high end analytics, it covers all aspect of employee life cycle management.

Let’s see, what you achieve through this HRMS platform–

Payroll software

Manufacturing companies in India employ many employees, meaning they need to disburse salaries, cut taxes, define various compensation structures, make monthly payroll comparisons and cost analysis for many people.

The probability of human-induced errors in payroll processing and calculations will substantially increase if these calculations and deductions are done manually. A payroll software, such as OpportuneHR will allow you to perform 30,000 payrolls in less than 3 hours. Other significant advantages of this software are that you can do 30,000 TDS computations in 1 hour and prepare FnF for 3000 employees in 24 minutes.

Here are the most significant benefits of the OpportuneHR payroll software:

  • One-Click Payroll will allow you to disburse salaries quickly and efficiently.
  • Payroll dashboard will enable you to see arrears, payroll trends, compensation structure, increments, new joinings, monthly payroll comparisons, and non-compliances in one place.
  • Payroll counter will allow you to perform functions like quarterly TDS and payroll cost analysis.
  • Highly configurable payroll software will help you automatically generate payslips, CTC, and variable pay for each worker based on their grades & job roles.

Leave management

Leave management has been a recurring problem in the manufacturing industry for ages that has significantly
increased since the onslaught of the pandemic

The following points depict the gravity of the situation:

  • Proxy attendance has been on the rise.
  • Contract workers have risen dramatically.
  • Thousands of employees work in big manufacturing firms in multiple shifts. So, tracking their working hours and monitoring shop floor activities is a real challenge.
  • The existence of stringent compliance policies that dictate how many shifts and hours can blue-collar workers be put to work. There are additional sets of policies for ensuring the welfare of women employees.

Here’s how OpportuneHR is changing the leave management scenario for the manufacturing industry in India:

  • The leave ledger displays the leave history, including leaves left, leaves encashed, and leaves availed.
  • The Leave calendar shows the holiday list and allows managers to view the team leaves, loss of paydays, and weekly-offs.
  • Leave policies allow mapping leaves based on location and grade. Moreover, you can configure 20+ leave parameters for each leave type.
  • Approval workflows enable the approving of employee leaves through the mobile application or website. It also sends automatic notifications for accepted/rejected leaves.

Opportune HRMS tackles multiple shifts in manufacturing companies.

Employees work in multiple shifts in a manufacturing company, so you need to pay overtime to employees who work for extra hours. Moreover, some companies need to pay 1.5 times the regular amount for night shifts.

Therefore, managers might feel overwhelmed juggling different work arrangements for hundreds or thousands of employees.

OpportuneHR allows manufacturing companies to tackle challenges of work in multiple shifts. In addition, it configures attendance criteria based on the number of hours an employee works in the factory.

For example:

  • As per company policy, the management can choose to mark an employee absent if they work less than 2 hours, or as per other policy. Similarly, you can also choose to assign a half-day leave to those employees who work for anywhere between 2 and 6 hours.
  • The management can choose to mark those employees late who reach the factory 15 minutes after their allotted time. Similarly, they can also assign a half-day status to those workers who are late by more than 2 hours.
  • If the company policy states so, the software will automatically designate an absent status to those employees who come late by more than 4 hours.

Moreover, it also gives due weightage to multi-location compliance. So for example, companies can define holidays based on the following parameters:

  • Weekly offs : Companies can configure different types of weekly offs like single off, two days off, 1st Saturday working, or weekly holidays on some other day of the week.
  • Location-based holidays : Companies can give holidays based on the city they operate from—for example, Ganesh Chaturthi holiday for Maharashtra or Pongal holiday for Tamil Nadu.
  • Optional holidays : Employees in cosmopolitan cities live in a multi-cultural environment where people of different faiths work together. OpportuneHR allows companies to provide special holidays to a specific set of people.

Ensure 360-degree contractor workforce management with OpportuneHR

There has been a drastic improvement in the outsourcing of manufacturing sector jobs in India to third-party vendors.  OpportuneHR provides various features for contractor management like:

  • Contractor Work Order allows deploying employees shift-wise and skill-wise. It also tracks employee attendance for making payments.
  • Contractor compliance tracks each compliance payment made by the contractor on the behest of the principal employer.
  • Shift Wise attendance is marked by calculating duty hours and attendance status. Attendance registers and reports are available at the click of a button.
  • Planned v/s actual manpower count gives a deviation report that helps analyse contractor performance and billing.


OpportuneHR is the best HRMS software for a manufacturing organization in India as it has all the features needed to provides top-notch solutions for the HR complexities in a manufacturing company. It gives a great HR experience to all roles: Blue collar workers, as well as white collar management employees.

It operates on a SaaS-based model that doesn’t require massive capital investment. Moreover, it generates easy-to-understand and graphically rich reports based on real-time data. So, managers can get a comprehensive overview of their employees and critically examine the functioning of each department.

OpportuneHR provides a quick and efficient way to handle contractor workforce management, which has simplified the operations of many manufacturing companies in India.

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