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Compensation Planning Guide: Challenges and Solutions

After all the workplace philosophies get discussed, one thing is agreed upon by all. Compensation matters the most!

Compensation and benefits are crucial for employee satisfaction and retention. However, HR managers often face challenges when it comes to managing these plans effectively, especially with limited budgets.

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Common HR Challenges and Bottlenecks: Automation Can Help!

Human Resources (HR) departments play a crucial role in managing the workforce and ensuring smooth operations. HR managers do their best in streamlining the processes to the best of their abilities. But their job gets tedious as the organisation grows. Many common HR challenges and bottlenecks hinder their work, and take away their focus from important issues.

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OpportuneHR: The Best HRMS Software For SME Business!

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) face unique challenges managing their human resource (HR) functions. Often, these businesses have small HR teams. So business owners also get involved in HR tasks.

Let’s be straightforward here. This poses multiple challenges.
First and foremost, the business owner gets distracted from the core business, & the business suffers.

Secondly, HR is a specialised function. Admin and junior HR persons get overwhelmed with the complexities involved. This leads to inefficiencies in managing attendance, payroll, leave management, recruitment, & onboarding. And errors in adhering to compliance.

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Crucial HR Documents And Policies Every Company Should Implement

HR policies and documents are essential for every company. These policies create a framework for employees and let them know how to conduct themselves. It also creates a safe and sound working environment for everyone, ensuring that employees are treated equally and fairly.

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