HR Automation helps improve Employee care

With increasing application of Information Technology & Automation in every aspect of business, how can system /IT automation be far behind when it comes to employee services in the company. Today, every leading company in the market deploys interactive systems to let employee perform all functions pertaining to their different needs. Any kind of service an employee is looking for, are available within IT employee systems. Following are some of the important functions an employee can perform through automated HRMS system:

1. Salary / remuneration details

An employee can view and download his complete remuneration details including current salary slips. This helps employees access his salary details anytime any place and download the same in given format for future reference.

2. Internal Job Watch

Through this function, employee gets an opportunity to know about all current openings among various departments in the company and hence, he gets an equal opportunity to apply for the profile change and enhance his career opportunities.

3. Leave application

Employee can simply log on to HRMS employee system and can apply for any kind leaves online ranging from sick leave, annual leave, casual leave etc. also, they can check balance of remaining leaves at any point in time. They also receive intimation about leave approval once their supervisor approves the same.

4. Organizational information & policies

Any employee can check for company policy guidelines and compliance laws over HRMS system. This helps employees to keep themselves abreast with latest developments in the company and to make sure they follow laid guidelines.

5. Employee Feedback or Speak Up

As the word itself suggests, any employee who wants to bring about positive changes in the company can do so, by providing direct feedback on the portal which will directly reach higher management of the company. They can also act as whistle blower for the company, if they found any wrong doing or any kind of corrupt acts which goes against long term reputation of the company.

6. Claims processing

Claims processing has never been so easy. With HRMS, employee can upload / update their claims like travel, phone etc on the portal and once it gets approved it will automatically credited in their registered bank account.

7. Skill and trainings development

HRMS continuously provides an employee to upgrade and enhance their skills. They can go different learning programs and certifications which can be studied on the system. It assists employee by providing option to change their job profiles basis newly acquired skills.

8. Mobile based HRMS system

With extensive use of smartphones in every arena of life, HRMS system intends to provide employee service on the go. Organizations today have modified their HRMS system to suit mobile platforms. Employees today can apply for leaves, download necessary documents with their data services. It greatly helps people with out of office profiles like sales and business development.

9. Changing cultures

HRMS systems not only improve productivity in an organization but also change the way company functions in terms of ethics and cultures. When you provide an enabling environment to employees by technical expertise it raises employee’s morale and overall work environment and culture become positive.

Above mentioned few points reflect growing importance of human resource management system in scheme of things. It is integral part of employee facilities system and acts as bridge between employer and employee to maintain harmonious relations which will result in higher productivity for the company


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