How to choose a good HRMS software

HRMS software enabling Contractor Management

Outsourcing is on the rise, companies are focusing on their core competencies, leaving the functional management to the domain experts in each area. In short, outsource what is not core!

Following is the list of functionality that is required to manage the contractor resources on the HRMS software :

1. Contractor management module

  • Register the contractor & its compliance data [insurance, registration of establishment, others … ]
  • Map the PO with nos of resources required for the tenure of the contract
  • Capture contractor employees mandatory data like, Full name, DOB, Addresses, contact details, PAN, Adhaar details & similar data as required from time to time.

2. Time & Attendance software and integrated Biometric attendance system.

  • Every contractor employee needs to be registered with attendance device
  • Attendance compliance needs to be adhered, like weekly working hours, OT hours, weekly offs, compensatory off for extra work done, especially national holidays as per rules stated by each state

3. Payroll software

  • Contractor employees need to be paid as per the job role defined
  • Minimum wages state wise & category wise needs to be paid
  • PF, ESIC, PT, LWF & bonus needs to be calculated as per rules

4. Payroll compliance state wise

  • All statutory payroll compliance challans needs to be submitted on & before the defined dates.
  • Maintaining of registers [Time & Attendance, leave card, wages register]

5. Integrated with ERP software [Vendor management, billing, SAP…]

  • HR automation is complete only when there is integration is seamless to get desired output
  • Integration is necessary for ease of flow of data, and reports to take correct decisions

The above stated 5 points are minimum mandate to have in an HRMS software to run the contractor management module.

Let us start with the above parameters in HRMS software for contractor management.

As we all know, the automation is just the beginning & it is going to mature over time. The next breed of HRMS software automation are already gearing for employee engagement, gamification, artificial intelligence & much more.

Keep watching this space for more on HR Software & Automation.

Calling all HR to share your needs for HR automation, we shall be happy to add it in our list. If your organisation has already done automation & would like to share please write to me on or call 022 4036543.

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