How to boost the confidence of workforce through mini events in the organisation?

Mini events promote cooperation and improve interpersonal connections in the organisation. They have the effect of reducing workplace friction and increasing employee happiness.

While a good work – life balance ensures a significant difference in employee behaviour, it is not the only thing that is needed to run an organisation. Celebrating and acknowledging success goes a long way, and boosts the confidence of employees.

Some key parameters to keep in mind while arranging these mini-events are:

  • These are group events which entertain as well as create bonding in the team.
  • Usually, these are an hour or two long
  • Easy and fun. Memorable.
  • Cost-effective.

Here is a sample list of ideas which will trigger you to think of ideas appropriate for your organisation-

  • Stand-up comedy sessions – Your employees can surprise you with their talents, and stand-up comedy is a great way to showcase that. Giving the platform to someone who writes well is a good way for an employee to find some confidence in their daily life. An added bonus: some laughs to go around, and post-meeting conversations would help build a good rapport with the team.
  • The Office Shark Tank – The show Shark Tank is super popular among young people. Why not organise one in your organisation? This game could be played with a small group of contestants and senior management like CEO and CFO as ‘investors’. This could be a good way to choose new ideas and projects from the team. Or, a fun way to turn this around would be to get the bosses to do the pitching and the employees to invest in ideas. This will help build team spirit and lighten the boss and employee relations.
  • The Office-Style Office Reels – Making reels would be such a fun activity for the team to carry out. The Office is a beloved show for a lot of people and making something like that would help develop creative thinking, teamwork, and communication. The employees can then share these on their own personal stories, which only go to show how open and fun working at your organisation is!

  • Office Olympics – The HR can make a list of silly sporting activities for the team, for example– who could make a paper boat the fastest, who can type an email the fastest, find a paper clip, etc.
    This would involve everyone in the team and the winner could decide what everyone would wear for the entire week.
    Or, some other creative rewards. This ensures healthy competition within the team and an improvement in on-the-spot thinking.

  • Town hall meetings – These meetings are usually short and go on for an hour or two. The main agenda for these meetings is to celebrate the achievements of team members and check the progress of each team. These help boost the morale of the employees and ensure people get credit for the kind of work they do.

  • Movie night – Who does not like watching a good movie with some free popcorn and drinks? Conducting a movie night could be a great way to connect with a large number of people. Having a discussion right after the movie will help teammates to get to know each other better and give them the opportunity to catch movies together later if they are interested.
  • Having a cook – out – If you have seen your colleague bake on the weekends and have been dying to try it, this is the perfect time to do so. It is uncanny how so many people are extremely good at cooking or baking and yet have never had a chance to share that with the team. There could be competitions where the winner takes home an extra holiday. This could help boost morale and would build a great memory to share amongst the team.

  • Real Life Social Media Wall – It’s possible for co-workers to be friends on social media. In either case, you can start a Real-Life social media Wall to replicate the experience specifically for your workplace. Each team member could come up and share an anecdote, fun memory from their life, even the simplest idea about sharing their breakfast would help the team to get to know each other better.

  • Scavenger Hunt – The easiest and most fun way to create a mini event is by organising a scavenger hunt. This tried and tested fun game is a great way to connect with teammates and enjoy a healthy competitive spirit. The winning team gets a free dinner coupon to any restaurant of their choice.

Mini events can have mega effects!

These are some examples of mini-events an organisation could arrange for their teams. Envision your goals in advance, choose and lead the exercise with care, and then consider the lessons learned. These mini events will inspire and empower your team members. You can see the bonding between them going up.

The most effective team development initiatives are those that are continuous. So keep the momentum by organising such cost-effective mini events regularly. You will be amazed by the results.

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