Best HRMS Software In Delhi!

Delhi is at the heart of India and is the business capital, the food is not the only thing that takes us back to the city. It is the relentless talent that keeps us gunning for betterment.

From start-ups to corporates, large-scale industries to government institutions Delhi has it all. Delhi and Delhi NCR have seen a huge increase in the number of workforces in the past decade.

Opportune Technologies, the leading HR Tech company, the force behind the best HRMS software in Delhi, is also here.
OpportuneHR has a mobile application!

As we know HRMS Software is used to manage employee records in real-time and avoid errors. Its benefits are endless.

Every company wants what is best for the team and the organisation. Team Opportune ensures that managing the payroll system, performance management, and employee records are taken care of. It also ensures employee self-service.

Here is why OpportuneHR is not just the best HRMS software in Delhi but also in India:

OpportuneHR is user-friendly and intuitive

It caters to the needs of the organisation and makes tracking performances easier. With the growing number of needs of an organisation, good HRMS software is the need of the hour. Especially for many SME businesses and ancillary units in and around Delhi NCR, automation helps in getting the work done when the HR team is small.

It empowers the employees to find their relevant data and applications, approvals on their own dashboards.

Cloud-based data software

Cloud Service

HRMS software updates data in real-time, so if an employee has put in a leave request, the request shows up immediately on the system and the request can be responded instantly. The software works on the cloud to ensure no update is missed out on.

OpportuneHR was one of the first HR tech companies in India to introduce artificial intelligence, data analytics, and machine learning to HR technology. And all of this at an affordable for you package.

OpportuneHR has a mobile application!

Mobile Apps

Talk about accessibility? To ensure the application is useful and accessible a mobile application is a must. The Opportune mobile app is available on Android as well as iOS.

The user-friendly mobile application makes life so much easier for the employees as well as the employers. This is definitely what sets us apart from the rest.

Employees whether they are in a remote factory, or an office in the suburbs, can use it for tasks related to leave, attendance, and other useful features. What’s more? It also captures attendance in offline mode and in areas of low network!

It reaches all over the world to get to the remote workforce and helps ease the tedious process of keeping a record of a large team. Even employees on the field will not miss on marking their attendance. The Opportune app with geofencing is here to the rescue.

Chatbot for better employee experience


Another important feature is the chatbot for real-time engagement with employees. Requests are expected in a moment instead of waiting around for the application to be processed or accepted. The chatbot helps a great deal in solving employee queries instantly and efficiently.

It saves time

The HRMS software is automated and smart to ensure efficient tracking. It saves a lot of time in case of logging information. Since the software is employee self-service there are higher chances of avoiding errors.

OpportuneHR Is a saviour to the HR department

An HR team is multi-skilled and handles a large chunk of employees from all over India and not just Delhi. An HRMS software helps them keep track and manage the massive workload that comes their way.

The software keeps a track of all employee details and sends reminders from time to time to ensure the task has been completed. This helps the employees as well as the team to stay ahead of the times and streamline the processes.

OpportuneHR offers biometric devices with push technology, which seamlessly communicate data to our attendance platform. As a result, the dashboards display real-time data on the shop floor, in offices, retail stores, and warehouses.

World-Class customer service redefines customer care

Our team at Opportune makes sure the customer comes first, and providing world-class service is completely our style. The service
executives at Opportune.Care are trained extensively and our chatbots are programmed to solve any kind of problem.

Customized to your needs

The HRMS Software is customized based on the needs of the organisation no matter whether the firm is technologically advanced or traditional. An HR system that can handle complex traditional scenarios as well as can take care of modern expectations.

Best Attendance Management Platform

With the increasing number of employees, it is difficult to track every employee individually without the hassle of dozens of mistakes. The HRMS software automates this process and is easy and reliable. The gamification feature is fun! And promotes employee engagement.

It is not just a Delhi-specific software but also keeps check of employees from all over the country and presents the data and reports in a concise, neat manner.

Best HRMS and Payroll Software in Delhi

OpportuneHR has dominated the industry in a way no other HRMS and Payroll Software has been able to. From attendance management to payroll, compliance reports, it has it all.

So to summarize, the software i has all core and essential features. You can guarantee payroll generation on a given date. Dashboards are real-time. OpportuneHR is the answer to all HR department challenges.

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