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Compensation Planning Guide: Challenges and Solutions

After all the workplace philosophies get discussed, one thing is agreed upon by all. Compensation matters the most!

Compensation and benefits are crucial for employee satisfaction and retention. However, HR managers often face challenges when it comes to managing these plans effectively, especially with limited budgets.

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Rainy Season: HR Strategies for Productivity, Employee Engagement And Safety!

The rainy season can present numerous challenges for businesses, particularly in regions which are prone to heavy downpours, flooding, or storms. It’s essential for HR departments to implement strategies that maintain productivity and employee well-being during this time. 

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Breaking The Code: Why Some SME HR Managers Achieve Phenomenol Success, When others Simply Struggle!

As creators of SME HRMS, we closely work with HR managers in startups and SME organisations. In our interaction with them, we have seen 2 kinds of approaches.

1: Some HR People Feel Constrained In An SME Ecosystem.
2: Street Smart HR Managers Flourish In SME Business organisations.

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