10 Questions: How To Choose An Online Attendance System?

No matter in which business you are, tracking and managing attendance in an enterprise is a regular task. A manual attendance process has a risk of human error, inconsistency and proxy marking by some employees. On the other hand, an online attendance management software is free from such risks and is accurate and affordable. Even for MSME and Startups.Cloud technology based online attendance systems keep the data updated and safe. Moreover, it provides easy access to data anytime and anywhere.

Ask yourself these questions before you choose your online attendance system.

1. How many employees work at your organisation?

If more than 50 employees are working at your office, it is better to have an online attendance system installed at the location. The software must be scalable to easily grow with the business without any extra investment.

The time attendance system by OpportuneHR is an integrated bundle of software and biometrics. It is perfect for recording and saving attendance accurately.

2.  Where do employees mostly work?

Every business has different needs. A clear understanding of the type of attendance software you need can be determined by analyzing the work location. Using a time attendance system with a mobile application will be the best solution if your employees keep travelling, or work from different locations during a month.

The real-time attendance feature keeps you updated about employee availability without any hassle. Timesheet allows recording the time while marking attendance, which is useful for counting delays and time spent on projects. Don’t forget to look for the geofencing feature, as it ensures that employees are where they are supposed to be.

3. How many modes of attendance capturing are offered by the attendance tracking system?

There are many attendance software available in the market. A good attendance monitoring system will give multiple options.

For example: OpportuneHR users can use biometric attendance software to capture attendance data, it also provides mobile-based geo attendance, contactless attendance, face detection and WFH attendance. No matter where your employees work, marking attendance becomes easy with attendance software like OpportuneHR.

4. Does the attendance system provide 24/7 after-sales chat support?

Not many people check out the chat support feature, but it is essential for solving your problems. The right software and attendance system are important, but chat support after sales is crucial for a good online management system. Chat support and support ticketing system ensure that your problems can be sorted easily.

5. Does your online attendance system integrate with the payroll management software?

To save time, it is important to integrate the attendance management software with the payroll system. It should also integrate with other advanced ERP systems like SAP etc. Not all attendance management software can offer that capability. But OpportuneHR does that. Because of good integration with payroll system you can generate accurate payroll with one click.

6. Do you want any add-on functions in your online attendance system?

HR and management systems can streamline business processes. If an online attendance system can have add-ons like various HRMS modules it will give back good returns to the organisation. Integrating other ERPs with online attendance will make the job of HR easy. It will keep a check on the employee performance according to regular attendance, delays and leave.

7. What are your compliance needs?

If you follow the rules and compliances, selecting the right online management system is crucial as it will help cater to compliance needs. This helps in the honest assessment of business processes and practices. Especially if you have business units in multiple states, compliance as per state requirements becomes crucial.

8. Do you have a set of unique rules for recording attendance?

Some companies have certain unique rules when they calculate the attendance of the employees. There may be flexible working hours, weekly off, a late-coming policy, short working hours, and many more. With OpportuneHR, you can configure 30+ rules into your attendance system, and it will calculate the leave and paid days according to the rules incorporated.

9. Do you need engagement along with attendance recording?

Recording attendance is a mundane task, and employees show almost no interest every morning. Gamified solutions can engage employees. OpportuneHR has a gamification feature which provides points for regular attendance. It also announces the winner’s name, making it perfect for employee engagement.

10. What is the best way to check the credibility and know the right fit for your business?

Choosing a vendor that meets government standards and has positive reviews is always advisable. The online attendance software companies must follow fair practices. You must always look not just for the feature list, but also how those features work in your unique work scenarios.

Try to ensure that software fulfills your business needs and is the right fit.

In Short: 

Use the above list for choosing a good attendance management software.

OpportuneHR has the features you need. If you want to learn more about our online attendance management system, feel free to contact us. We will be glad to show how and why OpportuneHR is the best online attendance system in India.

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